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As a new generation of LED controller, C3 LED Display controller features a play mode without computers, up to 4096 pixels supported in width or height, perfectly suit the needs of super length or ultrahigh screen. It possesses 8GB memory and maximum support external 32GB storage. Equipped with double USB interfaces, C3 are extendable with Wi-Fi module and audio module.
- Big LED screen display without computer, much more convenient and cost-efficient;
- Maximum loading capacity with 655360pixels;
- Up to 4096 pixels in width or 1536 pixels in height for text-image;
- Up to 1920 pixels in width or 1080 pixels in height for video; 
- 8G memory, maximum support external 32GB storage. 
- Perfect in handling details with amazing visual effect and experience. 
- Extendable with WiFi and audio module through USB interface. 
- Built-in with LINUX embedded operation system, immune from virus attacks. 
- Made from industrial components, quality assured. 
- Watchdog reset. 
- U disc plug-and-play.
- Support high speed configuration through USB cable. 
- Support management on the smart terminals like PC, Android and iPhone, etc. 
- To edit contents through LEDVISION, user-friendly software. 
- Multiple play windows and file windows, of which size and location can be freely set. 
- Multiple content formats such as video, image, text, clock etc.

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